Desktop Laser

Advantages and features:1. With heavy industrial structure design, deformation method, margin method, rigid clamping method, and reasonable welding sequence is selected to effectively prevent welding

Advantages and features

1. With heavy industrial structure design, deformation method, margin method, rigid clamping method, and reasonable welding sequence is selected to effectively prevent welding deformation. The machine body frame and the gantry are welded with high-quality steel tube and plate, and the interior of the frame and the beam are reinforced. As for 3000w and larger size, the bed will be specially strengthened according to actual needs.

2. The overall tempering of machine bed uses thermodynamic principles to eliminate internal stress, improve the strength of the material and the stability of the metal material.

3. The whole machine is finish machining with 5 faces milling processing center and CNC drilling; it guarantees the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and has good dynamic performance.

4. The laser cutting head is equipped with an imported capacitive non-contact height tracking system, which is sensitive and accurate, avoids the collision of the cutting head and the processed plate, and can ensure the position of the cutting focus and ensure the stable cutting quality; the laser cutting head can withstand 2.0Mpa of gas pressure and high pressure gas Road equipment, improve the cutting ability of stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials.

5. The red light indicating fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a red light collimator set, which can help the operator to calibrate the laser cutting head at any position on the plate.

6. Professional laser cutting machine CNC control system, computer operation, all can ensure the cutting quality, make the cutting work more convenient and operation simpler. It can meet the demand of 24 hours industrial production.

7. High precision rack and pinion, bilateral linear guide rails are used; and the original imported servo motor drive and reducer are adopted. Its control capacity is stronger and more stable, which ensures better compatibility and accuracy under high-speed motion

8. The rack and guide rail are fully sealed to prevent oil-free friction movement and dust pollution, which improves the service life of transmission parts and ensures the accuracy of machine movement.

9. Pneumatic feeding roller device is optional.It is easy feeding and can reduce manual feeding pressure, save time and improve efficiency.

10. The main components and electrical components are all international top configurations. The cables between the control cabinet and the whole machine are connected in a concise and orderly manner, ensuring low equipment operation failure rate, high speed and high precision.

11. The fixed surface of the blade is machined with precision milling to ensure the level of the machining surface, accurate focusing and high machining precision.

12. The machine has partition smoke exhaust system to remove dust, exhausting gas and other substances during the production process.  The pollution caused is small.

13. Cooling system: The fiber laser is equipped with a water cooling system. The temperature of the refrigeration unit is displayed by a digital meter. When the water temperature exceeds the specified temperature, the refrigeration unit will automatically cool. When the water temperature is lower than the specified temperature, the refrigeration unit will automatically stop cooling. It has an electric heating function.

14. Equipped with Japanese SMC proportional valve to achieve unlimited adjustment of pressure and speed.

15. Optional voltage stabilizer can prevent voltage instability from damaging the equipment.



Working area


Laser power


Laser source


Laser head


Cooling type

Hanli Chiller

Control system

AU3TECH control system



Drive system

1500w servor motor and driver


High precision rail and rack M2.0

Dust proofing and waterproofing design

X,Y axis with plastic dustproof

Engraving speed


Laser out-put control

0-100% set by software

Power supply

AC380V 50HZ 3phase